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Angi Hörandner

  • Country Austria
  • Flying Since 2015
  • Current Glider BGD Wasp S
  • Favourite flying sites Gaisberg, 12er Horn
  • Job Purchasing and product development
  • Sports Paragliding, SUP, Mountainbike


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I still remember watching the paragliders on mount Gaisberg from our balcony in the city when I was a little child.
Flying fascinated me my whole life, but I never thought that paragliding could be a sport for me too.
My opinion changed very quickly when my two sisters completed the basic course last autumn and suddenly the only topic they could talk about was flying.
They “dragged” me up to the top of Gaisberg where two pilots were soaring and playing with the wind and their wings.
That was the moment the flying virus caught me too. Ever since I first took off, there hasn’t been a single day where I don’t think about paragliding and it has become a bigger and bigger part of my life.
It taught me how to overcome my personal fears and obstacles and the more I fly, the more I enjoy it and the more I want to become better and better and fly as much as possible.


  • Completing the basic course
  • My first solo flight without radio connection to a flight instructor
  • My first thermal flight where I finally went above the mountain top
  • The first little xc flights / flights that lasted several hours
  • Completing the pilots licence

Additional pictures

Angi Hörandner
Angi Hörandner
Angi Hörandner
Angi Hörandner
Angi Hörandner

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