Epic is out

Epic is out


Только английская версия
The Epic is officially released and we are now taking orders! It has been EN-B certified in sizes S, M, and L with certification for the ML and XS imminent. Designed to satisfy your uncontrollable urge for flying, the Epic is an intuitive, safe and graphically appealing paraglider. We expect the first shipment to arrive in Austria mid February so reserve your paraglider now. The brand spanking new Epic - Live the Journey
Find out more the Epic product page.

A special thanks to all the people who helped make the Epic film.
Talent - Karlis Jaunpetrovics, Signe Lillienskjold Knudsen Music - Asche & Spencer
Camera - Ant Green, Rody Charoud, Maeva Giacometti Philosopher - Alan Watts

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