Lynx EN/LTF-C Be The Predator

For lone-wolf adventurers or XC gurus, the Lynx offers top performance in a bite-sized package.

paraglider Lynx EN/LTF-C <em>Be The Predator</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Lynx EN/LTF-C <em>Be The Predator</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Lynx EN/LTF-C <em>Be The Predator</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Lynx EN/LTF-C <em>Be The Predator</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design
paraglider Lynx EN/LTF-C <em>Be The Predator</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design

Flying Style

  • Learning
  • Hike and Fly
  • Cross Country
  • Freestyle
  • SIV
paraglider Lynx EN/LTF-C <em>Be The Predator</em> Bruce Goldsmith Design


  S M ML L  
线性比例 0.96 1 1.04 1.08  
投影面积 17.69 19.20 20.77 22.39
展开面积 21.20 23.00 24.88 26.83
重量 3.6 3.9 4.2 4.5 kg
总伞绳长度 225 244 264 285 m
高度 7.10 7.625 7.9 8.2 m
主伞绳数量 3/3/4 A/B/C
气室 108/60/118  
平面展弦比 6.75  
投影展弦比 4.87  
弦长 2.18 2.27 2.36 2.45 m
平面翼展 11.96 12.46 12.96 13.46 m
投影翼展 9.27 9.66 10.05 10.43 m
负载 60-80 75-95 90-110 105-123 kg
巡航速度 40 km/h
最高速度 57 km/h
最低下沉率 1.0 m/sec
最佳滑翔比 11  
认证 EN/LTF-C *  

* 认证进行中


It’s a wild quest, flying for days away from humanity; pushing your limits, making your own decisions, immersed in nature and working with the elements to slink through the landscape using the power of the air. Whether yours is a lone journey of self-discovery, or one that is silently observed by thousands, the Lynx is for serious athletes and experienced pilots who want to get out there in nature and experience the thrills of adventure flying first-hand.


Based on the Cure, The Lynx is a streamlined, fully-fledged XC predator. Her refined simplicity makes her faster, lighter, more elegant and competitive while the EN-C certification offers reassurance for experienced pilots. The Lynx has new BGD LITE risers using three strands of 13mm webbing and a performance-optimised speed system. With a new Edelrid Magix pro 8000U comp line set and Porcher Sport’s new laterally reinforced Skytex 32g/m² lightweight cloth, the Lynx is at the leading edge of the game. She is cunning, agile, and will take you to the top of the food chain.


Are you the diehard pilot that is on the hill rain or shine, or do you pick and choose your days? Does your launch look like a putting green or the surface of Mars? One glider can’t be perfect for everything so I designed the BGD LITE collection for pilots who want less weight and improved portability with added performance*.

Designing the highest performing sports class glider in the BGD LITE collection was intriguing, challenging, and rewarding since the improvements are clear. It was originally for the Red Bull X-Alps but quickly evolved into a more versatile glider. I started with the Cure template and reworked it almost from the ground up, simplifying, re-calculating, and adding all the latest materials. All of the BGD range follows this design philosophy and the BGD LITE collection just pushes it a little harder.

*At a small cost in durability.


上翼面材料 : Porcher Skytex 32g/m²
下翼面材料 : Porcher Skytex 27g/m²
中层材料 : Porcher Skytex Hard 27/32g/m²
前缘补强材料 : Plastic wire 2,3mm and 2,7mm
组带 : 13mm black Kevlar/nylon webbing
滑轮 : Ronstan/Harken P18 pulleys
上层伞绳 : Edelrid Magix Pro 8000U (Unsheathed)
中层伞绳 : Edelrid Magix Pro 8000U (Unsheathed)
下层伞绳 : Edelrid Magix Pro 8000U (Unsheathed)
刹车绳 : Liros DC (Unsheathed)



  • 滑翔伞
  • 伞包
  • BGD 汗衫
  • USB快闪连说明书
  • BGD贴纸
  • 工具包
  • Riser bag
  • 压缩带




BGD Leading edge mini ribs

Situated along the top of the leading edge are plastic wire reinforced mini-ribs that act to reinforce the panels while on speed bar. This reduces deformation caused by the high air speed improving speed and performance.

Porcher Skytex 32

The Lynx utilizes Porcher Sport’s new lighter, stronger Skytex 32g/m² cloth. This cloth is specifically designed for paragliders and is laterally reinforced – paragliders have more tension across the span.

强鲨鱼咀风口Strong Shark


Minimal line consumption

Optimising the line layout of a glider is an extremely complex science; we are constantly developing our analytical techniques to improve line design. A wing’s internal structure evolves simultaneously with line layout, and together these design aspects offer better support for reduced line consumption and drag. The Lynx uses new Edelrid Magix pro 8000U lines and has a total line length of just 244m (M).



60 enhanced cells

Cord Cut Billow and new leading edge mini-ribs allow us to lower the number of full cells while gaining the characteristics of a high cell count paraglider. This creates a lighter, cleaner, simpler paraglider.

Light and durable

The Lynx is constructed with an obsessively careful mix of lightweight, robust, and proven materials. From UV resistant colours to carefully chosen cloth angles across the cells, everything is designed to minimise unnecessary weight while maximizing durability.

Progressive stability

The LYNX is designed to warn experienced pilots of light-to-moderate turbulence, rather than suddenly completely collapsing when things get really unruly. Bruce’s article in Cross Country magazine, ‘Shifting Our Thinking on Safety’, explains how “A wing that is super stable and almost never collapses can lead to more accidents, because when it does collapse the pilot is not prepared and has little experience of how to deal with the situation”. Any wing will collapse given enough turbulence. A small deflation in medium turbulence is easier to deal with and therefore safer than a big collapse in strong turbulence.

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