Valentin Gilet


Valentin Gilet started paragliding in Markstein. He attended the Pôle Espoir, a high level structure for young pilots in the Pyrénées. His parents don't fly but he has many friends to fly with in the French alps. He is studying maths at the university of Savoie Mont Blanc in Chambéry. He travels a lot for pre-PWC competitions, and dreams of one day taking part in a PWC Superfinal and in the X-Alps. He chose BGD's CURE as his ideal wing and has made a lot of progress on it.


  • Alter : 22
  • Fliegt seit 2012
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : BGD Cure M
  • Top Webseiten : Drumont, Vosges Treh, Vosges Verel, Alps
  • Bisherige Teilnahmen an Wettkämpfen : Student


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