Simeon Klokočovnik


I was looking for new adventures and challenges that can be found in nature. When I began to fly in 1990, the parachute allowed me to descend easily from the top of the hill. One of my first flights was from Kredarica, then in 1992 from Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc. Since then I have been frequently reaching mountain peaks and flying. I like choosing the highest peaks of various countries I have visited since I began to fly. First, I did paragliding to prove myself, but now I fly out of pleasure as it fulfils my life. It allows me to be a part of nature, which I continually discover, and I am still eager to experience new adventures.


  • Flying since : 1990
  • Current kit : Base 2 Lite
  • Gig : Sport teachers
  • Activities : Paragliding, surfing, skiing, mountaineering