Ariel Zlatkovski

united states

Ariel grew up in Alaska. He started paragliding in 2019 to try something new and was immediately hooked. Due to the flexibility of remote work he travels around to the best flying locations for each season, flying almost every day and getting hundreds of hours per year. He loves soaring on long mountain ridges and doing 'wagga' (freestyle) in the mountains! Top-landing, kiting, doing close fly-bys, sliding around on snow/grass. "So much fun!". Ariel flies BGD wings because the colourful designs make him happy and the fun handling matches his flying style. "Funnily enough, my last name 'Zlatkovski' roughly translates to 'Goldsmith' from Russian. While this doesn’t affect my flying at all, I’ve always been chuffed that I share a name with the wings I fly!" He'd like to have a year where 10% of the time is spent in the air – that’s 876 hours!

#United States

  • Age : 29
  • Flying since : 2019
  • Current kit : Base 2, Base 2 Lite, Kiss
  • Top sites : Hatcher Pass area in Alaska. Incredibly beautiful flying in the summer with glass-offs that last until 10 or 11pm!
  • Gig : Marketing PM
  • Activities : There are activities other than paragliding?