Concertina Bag

Light and efficient

BGD's ergonomically-designed concertina bag is light and efficient. Redesigned from top to bottom, this third-generation concertina bag is lighter and half the pack size of the previous model. Internal straps keep the glider in place, and the breathable mesh border lets you squeeze the air out to further reduce the pack size. An elegant new anti-snag YKK zip keeps your precious glider safe while greatly reducing the overall weight, since there is no need for a heavy overlapping strap. For those who prefer to leave their harness attached to the wing, we have added a clever drawstring closure that neatly draws up around the lines. 
An external strap holds the folded bag together. Note: After endless testing we decided leading edge to trailing edge is the best direction for a smooth flow in folding your wing.

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    Protects your paraglider.
    Bottom opening for lines (when packing with harness attached)
    Mesh ventilation panels on the sides
    Internal straps to hold the wing in place
    Size S fits Cure/Lynx S, M
    Size M fits Base S and Cure/Lynx ML, L, Epic/Echo XS
    Size L fits Base M, ML, L, all Adam, Wasp, Epic/Echo M,ML,L

    Size S 230cm / 260g
    Size M 260cm / 300g
    Size L 290cm / 340g