Marcel Duerr


Marcel had his first flight in a glider at the age of 14. From that day he was addicted to flying, spending every free day on the airstrip to build up flight hours. After finishing school he could fulfill his dream and became an airline pilot. After more than 12,000 hours of commercial flying he still loves to be in the air – even in his free time. Paragliding offers him the perfect combination of sports, challenge and adventure. In 2014 he flew his first 200km FAI triangle. XC flying became a real passion since then. Flying BGD wings since 2015 he is focused on discovering new options for big FAI triangles in the alps away from the standard routes. XC flying is like a big chess game in nature for him – planning new routes, thinking what might be possible and try it out. The way back when bombing out somewhere far away from the next street can also be a rewarding adventure for him. His advice is to be open minded, to try something new and you can experience a lot !

#Cross Country

  • Age : 42
  • Flying since 2001
  • Current kit : BGD Cure
  • Top sites : Nebelhorn Brauneck Rofan
  • Gig : Airline pilot
  • Bad weather fillers : Paragliding, kayaking, ski mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor sports
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    2016-2018, 3 times in TOP3 of german XC contest (DHV-XC, sports class), 1st place in 2017
    2014-2017 project of first 200+ FAI triangle from Brauneck Takeoff (successfull in 2017 with 241km)
    Several 200+ km FAI triangles on new routes (biggest 241km on Cure)
    Alps crossing from Oberstdorf to Meran and almost back the next day
    Many unique and wonderful flights (e.g. in iceland thermalling over geysirs)
    Longest fight : 11 :15 h Grente/2016