John Georgosopoulos


John Georgosopoulos has always appreciated the feeling of the air and was introduced to flying in the military in 1989 with skydiving. He found his way in free flying and today he is a member of the national greek team of paragliding, having won the 1st place in the XC league for the last 3 years. He broke the FAI triangle record in Greece and now wants to extend it even more with his Cure 2 and win the 2020 XC league. He studied physiotherapy and works in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a wife and 2 children and enjoys climbing and other sports.


  • Edad : 52
  • Vuela desde : 2013
  • Equipamiento actual : Cure 2
  • Show : Pharmaceutical/medical representative
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Climbing
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