Nikolay Klimenko

russian federation

Nikolay Klimenko was born in the USSR in 1984. Like all pilots, he dreamed of the sky since childhood. He was finally introduced to paragliding in 2016, as a tandem passenger. He flew solo for the first time in the summer of 2017, learning on a winch and converting to hill-launching the following year. He got into accuracy and XC competition almost straight away, and also loves hike and fly. Home is near St Petersburg, Russia – flatlands – but he has taken his passion to the French and Italian Alps, North Macedonia, the Canary Islands, Western Australia, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. In autumn 2021 he went to Brazil, where he broke his XC PB with a 177km flight on his Lynx. He works in IT and is into photography and filmmaking.


  • Edad : 37
  • Vuela desde : 2017
  • Equipamiento actual : Lynx and Kiss
  • Sitios top : Annecy, Tom Price, Cape Cuvier
  • Show : IT Specialist
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Snowboarding, rock climbing
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