Acro tests at Gourdon on the Tala M



Gourdon is more snowy than normal, with nearly half a meter of snow on take-off. This day we went out to do some Acro manouvers on the Tala to see how it handles them. From the video you can see that the SAT is really good with an amazingly low sink rate. The Tala also does heli's but due to the relatively high Aspect ratio of 6.3 there is some work needed by the pilot to keep the whole wing rotating smoothly in the heli. Wingovers and Assymmetric spiral are also great with lots of energy and the wing maintaining a good pressure though out. The wing is not designed as an acro machine as it has very few suspension points. Only 8 main points a side. Acro wings are designed to have lots of suspension points to spread the load better for those super extreme manoeuvres.

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