Claire Garnesson


Claire is a little bit crazy, and she likes to stay in bed in the morning (except on flyable days). Also, she loves chocolate cakes!
Paragliding? She started by chance in 2013, choosing it as a university sport. She could have chosen ping-pong but it didn’t sound as exciting. Back home after her first course she watched acro videos and decided, “That’s what I want to do!” So of course, she’s now flying XC!
She has travelled a lot, and spent a year in New Zealand where she enjoyed amazing landscapes and great hike & fly with a crazy bunch of happy pilots.
She has flown several 100+ km XCs in the French Southern Alps, and she’s working on bigger ones (just waiting for the sun to be back). Be careful, she can get really moody if she sinks out (she bites) otherwise she is very enthusiastic and cheerful!


  • Age : 32
  • Flying since : 2013
  • Current kit : BGD Cure 2 and Riot
  • Gig : Microbiologist
  • Activities : Paragliding, rock climbing, hiking, skiing


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