Cristina Fernandez Meneses


Cristina Fernández is in love with the sky and the clouds. Since she was a child she already dreamed of being able to fly, but it wasn´t until 2014, that she received a gift that changed her life completely. A tandem flight, which made her touch the ground with a new vision: She wanted to be a pilot and spread her passion to each of her passengers. From this moment on, she focused her goals on training and learning more every day to achieve this dream. Although her family and friends at first saw her as crazy, now they are her greatest support, especially her friend Amanda. In 2020, she started working with the company “Dparapente”, also her current paragliding school and club. There she continues to train and dedicate herself professionally to paragliding every day. This same year, she participated for the first time in national competitions, winning the Spanish national championship in tandem paraglider with her partner Boris, with whom she also achieved, a few months later, two Spanish XC records. She also participated for the first time in 2020 in the National Paragliding Accuracy championship, in which she won the title of women's champion and that is when she set her sights on the Magic glider. From that moment it was clear to her that it is the best wing that she can use to be qualified for the next Paragliding Accuracy European and World Championships, which remains her next goal. Meanwhile, she will continue flying, traveling and training her students, which is an important part of her daily routine.


  • Age : 33
  • Flying since : 2016
  • Current kit : Magic S
  • Top sites : El Hierro, Andalucia, Pyrenees, Alicante,Central Spain, Mardi Himal and Alpes
  • Gig : Paraglider Instructor and Tandem Pilot
  • Activities : Paragliding, biking, climbing and skating