Doris Hörandner


One day, when I was walking my dog, I saw a paraglider with a paramotor flying over me and I wanted to know what it would be like to leave the ground too. For my 30th birthday, my sister arranged a tandem flight and when we started flying, I immediately knew that I had to learn paragliding on my own – it would simply be too expensive to make tandem flights every month, so I signed up for the basic course. The “flight fever” has totally caught me ever since and flying is even more awesome than I ever dreamed it would be.


  • Flying since : 2015
  • Current kit : BGD Echo / Dual
  • Top sites : Gaisberg, Bischling, 12er Horn
  • Gig : Saleswoman
  • Activities : Paragliding, mountaineering
Website Teammates