Emily "Milly" Wallace

united states

Milly started paragliding in 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah and since then she has travelled all over the western United States and internationally. She started flying tandems in 2014 and teaching paragliding in 2015, achieving 'Instructor of the Year' in 2021. In 2016 she created the first annual female pilot gathering, and enjoys bringing women together each year who love to paraglide. She also loves throwing costume-flying holiday gatherings. Milly's personal paragliding goals include working on her acro skill, cross-country (she is aiming for that first 100-mile flight) and also spendng time growing ground-handling skills. She says, "Dune Du Pyla is one of my favourite places on this Earth and I love dragging my toes there!" She also loves snowboarding  and one-wheeling, and is learning to surf. She also enjoys painting and creating artwork, and often can be found painting at flying sites while she is parawaiting. "I turn a lot of my artwork into fun paragliding-themed products such as paragliding leggings, face-tubes, hats, etc. As a young pilot, Milly flew an Airwave glider, so she says she knew she liked Bruce's designs and his attention to detail. "I love the bright, happy colours that the BGD gliders have as well! From my first flight on the Base 2 It felt as if we were old friends and it effortless toe-dragged and spot-landed like a dream.!"

#Estados Unidos

  • Idade : 41
  • Voando desde : 2009
  • Equipamento atual : Base 2
  • Melhores rampas : Point of the Mountain Utah, USA Torrey Pines Gliderport, USA Marina Sand Dunes, USA Dune Du Pilat France Valle De Bravo Mexico Mussel Rock California, USA Woodrat Mountain Oregon, USA
  • Apresentação : Paragliding Instructor, Tandem Pilot, Paragliding Repair Seamstress
  • Outros hobbies : Snowboarding, One-wheeling, Paddle-boarding, Camping, Hiking, Crafting, Sewing
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