Nicole Koller


When Nici met her boyfriend at the beginning of 2015, who was already an avid paragliding pilot, and they made a tandem flight together on their third date, it did not take a long time for Nici to become infected with the flying virus. So she was given a taster course and her enthusiasm for flying increased extremely. Meanwhile, she is enthusiastic on cross-country flights and has already traveled a lot of different flying areas. Her future targets are to be a safe pilot who has a lot of fun in the air and doing long cross country flights with her boyfriend.

#Weekend Warriors, #Vol Bivouac

  • Voando desde 2016
  • Equipamento atual : BGD Echo M
  • Melhores rampas : Neunerköpfle, Austria Tolmin, Slovenia
  • Apresentação : PCB Designer
  • Outros hobbies : Paragliding, hiking, skiing, skitour