Stan Radzikowski

united kingdom

Stans passion for flying started early in while he was growing up in Australia he became addicted with flying RC planes. Life got in the way for about a decade while moving between Australia and Europe but the bug was still there. Early in 2019 while returning from a skiing trip in France he was passing lake Annecy, where from the corner of his eye he saw gliders flying. This encounter didn’t have an immediate affect on him but it definitely planted the seed that about a year later would become life altering. Seeing some pilots learning near his home at that time in Poland he enquired and quickly started training to get his licence. His first season became a bit of a blur, after about 30hrs he attended his first competition on his beginner wing in neighbouring Slovakia, where he placed 10th overall. Realising he had a knack for flying he quickly registered for his next competition in the Ukraine where he upgraded to an Airwave Magic 5, this competition came to be his first overall win and sealed his fate so to speak. By the end of his first summer he had just over 600hrs, obtained his commercial tandem licence and had moved to Nepal in search of tandem work and endless flying. Over the next almost 5 years Stan would spend his winters in the Himalaya and his summers travelling the great flying sites around the world building on his knowledge base and experience. During this period he obtained his instructor Licence and several nations Tandem licences so he could work almost world wide. Over the years Stan has been an ambassador for flying and racing safer, mostly competing on en B and C gliders while still managing to place high in the overall rankings upsetting many 2 liner pilots along the way. Most of his time is spent guiding clients on on demand XC tours around the world while also helping to organise several events throughout the year around the world like the BGD weightless and Naviter open. Aimed at helping pilots to progress faster in a safer competition setting.

#Reino Unido

  • Idade : 41
  • Voando desde : 2010
  • Equipamento atual : Cure 2
  • Apresentação : Paragliding XC guide / Instructor
  • Outros hobbies : Paragliding, Paramotoring, Enduro Moto
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