Kay Busemann


After growing up with sailboat competition on a 470 I moved into the Black Forest far away from the see. I Passionately Climb Trees for living and did so for competition. In 2002 I med Christophe Lombard. He took me for a Tandem flight and immediately I know “That's it”. Playing with the wind and the gravity, Sailing the Thermal. I know that I came back home into my elements. Until than I fly every free minute. The nice thing about getting older is, that I need less money so I have more Time to work on my dreams, so they become reality. Travel this beautiful world with a Tandem or a Solo glider, fly as much and as far as I can in condition I do enjoy, is one big part of my dreams.

#Nomad, #Weekend Warriors, #Cross Country

  • Летает с 2002
  • Профессия : Climbing Arborist
  • Погодные условия : Paragliding, Kitesurf
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    ​5th Tandem in German OLC 2015
    2013-14-15 most points from our Take of “Schauinsland”
    XC Flying in Nepal
    Countless save landings after riding the Themal ;-))

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