Tomaž Bavdaž


From a young age my eyes have been turned towards the sky. Wishing to fulfill my flying dream I started to build and design model airplanes. This is how I learned the basic rules of aerodynamics. In 2006 I made my first paragliding flight. Paragliding is an individual sport, but along the way you can make some great friends. One of mine is Zlatko Koren. He shared his knowledge with me and spent a lot of time teaching me how to become a better pilot. We participated in several hike & fly competitions such as X-Pyr and Dolomiti Superfly. In 2018 I redid the X-Pyr challenge with the BGD Endurance Team with Lukas Thöni and Martin Lifka. In the last few years my focus has shifted to racing paragliders as a member of the Slovenian Youth Paragliding Team.

#露营飞行, #越野飞行

  • 年龄 : 32
  • 开始飞行的年份 2006
  • 当前使用装备 : BGD Cure
  • 主要飞行场地 : Kobala-Slovenia Čaven-Slovenia Sorica-Slovenia
  • 职业 : Graphic Designer


    Achievements and competitions:

    195.6km Sorica (Slovenia) out-and-return
    207.1km Matrei (Austria) out-and-return

    Serial Cup 2017 – 6th place EN-C

    Paragliding Winter Cup – SnowFlake 2017/18 – 1st place Sports class
    BGD Weightless 2018 – 3rd place Serial Class (Middle Weight)
    Soca Open Valley 2019 – 3rd place EN-C

    Slovenian National Championship 2019 – 3rd place EN-C