Björn Jumpertz


#Cross Country

  • Fliegt seit 2007
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : BGD Cure
  • Top Webseiten : Mosel, Alps, Ölüdeniz
  • Gig : Mechanic in a Foundry (Thermal-maker)
  • Weitere Tätigkeiten bei schlechtem Wetter : paragliding, skiing, snowboarding


    ​First 106km flight 2012 in Verbier (CH) DHV 2
    First Take off with the Cure 78km flatlands
    & some other nice flights

Veröffentlichte Videos

Weightless - 2019


Watch this stunning film covering the first paragliding competition where your weight doens't matter! The BGD Weightless is aimed at up and coming pilots looking to improve their XC, competition experience or just to enjoy a unique experience... Mehr