Clem Cadario

new zealand

Flying has been a bit of an obsession for Clem since a tandem flight for her tenth birthday. She got her licence as soon as she found the opportunity, skipping classes at university to go flying in Annecy:)
Paragliding has been a great match for her love of alpinism, skiing, kiteboarding and climbing. She spent years combining the use of her new-found wings with her love of hiking and climbing in the mountains. After travelling to New Zealand in 2011, and never finding a reason to leave, she worked towards getting her commercial tandem rating. This seemed like a good way to not need a real job:) She is a part of a flexible team of tandem pilots so has time to continue chasing highs in New Zealand and occasionally the European Alps.
Clem’s first XC glider was the Cure2, and this really made bigger flights seem possible. She broke the New Zealand record in 2021 – twice – with a 107km flight on the Base 2 Lite. From 2023 she has been flying the Lynx 2, and has her eyes on taking back the New Zealand national record (which now stands at 172km), and a vol-bivouac through the South Island, and a few ski-mountaineering winter projects.

#New Zealand

  • Alter : 36
  • Fliegt seit : 2010
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : Lynx 2
  • Job : Tandem pilot
  • Hobbys : Skiing, mountaineering, kitesurfing