Serena Ronchi


Serena was born in Switzerland and learned paragliding in the Alps at the age of 25. She immediately fell in love with cross-country and the adventure side of flying. She soon made her first big flights in the Alps and the Jura, and learned to fly in the flatlands of Brazil. She has flown record flights in Brazil (416km) and the Alps (311km), and completed a 580km bivouac flight in 2023, from close to Lake Geneva all the way to Tolmin in Slovenia. Serena has chosen the Lynx 2 for hike-and-fly competitions and adventure-flying.


  • Alter : 31
  • Fliegt seit : 2018
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : Lynx 2
  • Top Fluggebiete : Swiss Alps, Jura, Brazil
  • Job : Teacher and tandem pilot
  • Hobbys : Hiking, Skitouring, Kitesurfing