Malcom Deodati


Malcom is as much at home under the sea as in the sky. He travelled the world as a scuba-diving instructor for 12 years before discovering paragliding. He now lives in the Italian Alps, where he works as a tandem pilot. His enthusiasm for flying is infectious and he loves to share his passion with others . Malcom loves to travel, and can always find somewhere to take off, wherever he goes! He has flown in Thailand, Nepal, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Brazil. The list will hopefully continue to grow! He loves the feeling of throwing the glider around, and enjoys what he calls "basic" acro manoeuvres like looping, SAT and helico. We think those are pretty impressive and not at all basic! He has had many XC adventures in the Italian Alps and around the world. Landing far away from civilisation? No problem! Finding your way back is all part of the fun!


  • Edad : 46
  • Vuela desde : 2009
  • Equipamiento actual : Cure 2, Dual 2
  • Sitios top : San Giacomo (Ivrea) Piedechinche (Colombia) Governador Valadares (Brazil)
  • Show : Professional tandem pilot, Scuba diving instructor
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Diving
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