Angi Hörandner


One of Angi’s earliest childhood memories is watching the colourful paragliders fly on Mount Gaisberg in Salzburg. Therefore, flying has always been a fascination, but she did not think that paragliding could be a sport for her: too extreme, too dangerous, not suitable for women…. This opinion changed very quickly when her sisters started the basic course in 2015. She gave it a try as well as from the first time her feet left the ground, she simply loved it. Ever since then, a lot has changed in her life and paragliding has become a big part of it. Angi thinks that flying reflects life with all its ups and downs and it has taught her how to overcome her personal fears and obstacles. Anything is possible if you want it enough. She mostly loves the fact that through her passion for flying and life, she can inspire others to follow their dreams as well. Her goal for the future is to fly as much as possible, to become a better and safer pilot and to connect her three biggest hobbies: flying, travelling and photography / filmmaking. BGD has accompanied the Flying Sisters from the beginning, the colourful wings are just a perfect match for their joyful lifestyle!

#Weekend Warriors, #Vol Bivouac

  • Age : 29
  • Flying since 2015
  • Current kit : BGD Epic & Dual
  • Top sites : Bischling, Austria Gaisberg, Austria Meduno, Italy
  • Gig : Project Manager
  • Bad weather fillers : Paragliding, SUP, MTB
Website Teammates


    Flying Sisters : since 2015
    Has flown in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Holland, Denmark and the most exciting country so far : Colombia
    Tandem licence in 2019