Cure 2


Innalzati a nuovi livelli di prestazioni: abbraccia la tua passione, cura la tua anima!

  • 50M iterations fluid/structural analysis
  • B/C steering system
  • Double skin leading edge
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Experience Groundlessness - Magic Mo


Recently, we have all become groundless. We are in times of change and the ability to adapt will make the difference. We hope this film will help you during these times and bring you to a space of freedom you may have never felt before. More

Paraglider Maintenance


Everything you should know about packing, storing, and generally taking care of your paraglider. More

Vol et Ski - Challenge - Gate Crashed by the BGD Team


BGD team pilots Anne-Sophie, Julie, and Sylvain fly the Vol et Ski Challenge - a competition of skiing and precision paragliding where pilots take-off from the top of the ski slope and follow a course involving touch-and-go, touching poles, and many... More

EN-C-Certifying Paragliders - Cure 2


This is how a paraglider gets certified. From the flying lab Nicole, Alain, and Claude show and explain how they tested the Cure 2 during its certification. More

Mongolian SEED


This is what happens when Etienne Cordeau (Flying Frenchies) takes his SEED out for a kite in Mongolia! More

Hanging in the Clouds


Olivier, Sophie, Lou and friends converge in Martinique for a aerial circus extraveganza! You wont be able to not fall in love and get inspired by this adventure family as they show us their story and aerial dance. Hats off to @Shams for the... More


BGD Weightless 2020 introduces MRT scoring!


BGD Weightless 2020 finished on 10th January 2020, with Bruce Goldsmith winning overall on the new Cure 2. The week-long competition took place in Roldanillo, Colombia, and was “fantastic”, with good flying conditions and six tasks of 45.8km to 59.8km distance.

“It’s thirteen years since I...


Concorso Ground handling BGD 2020


Mostraci le tue abilità e dimostra quanto può essere divertente gonfiare a terra. Corri, salta, arrampicati o balla con la tua vela e vinci un nuovissimo Seed, la vela per gonfiaggi dii BGD.

Come partecipare:

    – Crea un video clip originale e creativo (fino a 60 secondi consecutivi),...


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