Base 2


Più distanza, più divertimento. Il Base 2 ispira la fiducia necessaria per volare più lontano ed espandere i tuoi limiti. È una vela da cross-country con la quale ti sentirai subito a tuo agio: amore al primo volo!

  • 50 million iterations fluid/structural analysis
  • Speed riser C-Steering
  • Multi-reefing system
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Base 2 - Technical Features


Discover the Base 2 inside and out! More

Base 2 - Love at First Flight


While hiking in the mountains a young girl finds a phone that dropped from the sky. Looking at the videos in the phone, she attempts to find the pilot who dropped it.


Discover our stunning new high EN/LTF-B! More

Kiss - Keep it Simple


For rise-and-shiners, hike-and-flyers, mountain lovers, greet the day with a Kiss, a simple, fun and versatile mountain wing. More

Explore, Create, Share - BGD Nomads


WE ARE A GROUP OF DIVERSE INDIVIDUALS UNITED BY A PASSION TO EXPLORE, CREATE AND SHARE. Follow our adventures as we attempt to share them through film and photography. More

Julien Millot - Flying Les Écrins


Flying some of the highest peaks in the Alps, Julien explains some insights during a epic vol bivouac adventure around the Massif des Écrins. More

Experience Groundlessness - Magic Mo


Recently, we have all become groundless. We are in times of change and the ability to adapt will make the difference. We hope this film will help you during these times and bring you to a space of freedom you may have never felt before. More

Cloudbase Mayhem podcast: Rene Falquier and the ABC's of Glider Design

Cloudbase Mayhem podcast: Rene Falquier and the ABC's of Glider Design


In 2020 Rene Falquier spent a year in the BGD design office in the south of France, working on his aeronautics and engineering thesis.

He was recently interviewed by Gavin McClurg for his Cloudbase Mayhem podcasts. Gavin wanted to know how a wing comes to fruition. How much is science vs craft?...


UK Hillwalking's Christmas week photo winner!


This photo, taken by Stuart Holmes, was voted first by UK Climbing/UK Hillwalking readers in the Christmas week's 'Top 10 Hillwalking and Mountain Photos'.

It's a stunning shot of Stuart's brother, UK Airsports' Patrick Holmes, flying his new Base 2 at Catbells in the Lake District.


UK Hillwalking's Christmas week photo winner!

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