Corné Nieuwenhuize


I had my first tandem flight in 1997 in Austria. After that I have been dreaming about flying without having the opportunity to realise my dream. Until 2012, when I read in a magazine how easy it was to take a course. That’s what I did and I realized soon that this is my true passion, after my kids and wife of course. In 2015 I got the opportunity to make a living fromf paragliding. The school where I was working wanted me to be a paragliding teacher and other extreme sports in Norway with paragliding trips to the Caribbean and Macodonia. Since that time my working days are defined by the weather, as well as my time off. I love to fly tandem with my kids and wife and since one year my oldest son is also flying. I like to teach paragliding to others, but my true passion lies in hike & fly and vol-biv. I just love to push my body to the limit, knowing that I can fly down as a reward. In the area where I live there are plenty of mountain peaks which have never been flown before so I have a lot to do! The last few years I have been flying BGD wings. Since I saw one in the air I just had to have one myself because they look just beautiful! Besides the looks, I like the handling, the response and the accuracy!


  • Âge : 45
  • Vole depuis : : 2012
  • Equipement actuel : BGD Cure ML & Riot ML
  • Sites fréquentés : Flatdal and Hjartdal in Norway
  • Métier : Full time paragliding instructor
  • Passions : Paragliding, MTB, skiing, snowkiting, kitesurfing, running

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