Martin Rausch


I live in Graz/Austria and have been passionate about mountains for the last 10 years. I started with via ferratas, continued with climbing and mountaineering, love to ski-tour in winter and trail run in summer. Two years ago, I decided to give paragliding a try – basically to get back to the car faster after my climbs and mountain activities. However, I got infected with the passion of free flying instantaneously. 10 months after my first flight, I did my first Vol-Biv flight from Graz to Eisenerzer Ramsau: 70km, all on my own! I can't describe the feeling after top-landing at Donnersalpe – for me it was the definition of freedom! :-) Ever since, I try to spend as much time flying as possible. I have made friends with a group of excellent pilots who took me to the dolomites late autumn last year. At my first flight there I managed to fly over the Marmolada – something I still cannot believe, honestly. That sport is just crazy and I love it! <3 I have done some XC flying ever since, but the season is not the best so far in Graz.


  • 年齢 : 33
  • フライト歴 : 2021
  • 現在のキット : Lynx 2
  • トップサイト : Graz, Austria
  • ギグ : Engineer (micro-electronics)
  • 悪天候 : trail running, via ferratas, climbing, mountaineering, ski touring