Tala L has just passed the load test in Switzerland



The load test of the Tala was delayed due to bad weather in Switzerland during January and also for the start of February. Finally after three weeks of waiting the Tala L was tested in Payerne by Air Turquiose on the 9th February 2013.  She went up to an impressive 1300kg peak loading. The overall average for the 3 seconds as was required by the EN 926-1 was 1108kg, so with the required 8g, this gives us a accepted load of 138.5 kg. As the max load required on the Large is 125kg we are well strong enough, not only for the Large but for all the other sizes as well. We will now progressively go though the flight tests of the other sizes of Tala over the next weeks starting with the Tala L in February, and followed by the S and ML in March. The First Tala M production is expected to be available at the start of March.

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