Håkan Ponthan


​My first air sport was skydiving, but then I heard about paragliding, so in 1986 I used a parachute for ground take-off. It was not that successful, but in 1991 I discovered paragliding. It was much more interesting and I flew intensively for 3 years. Then I took a long break from the sport, but the spark was still there and I often felt I'd like to get back up there. In 2015 I restarted properly, this time with a school and I got a license. For me, paragliding is about feeling connected to nature, seeing beautiful places, meeting nice people and experiencing interesting cultures. I love long, high and challenging flights, but I love gentle evening flights in the company of friends and family before sharing drinks, dinner, good stories and laughs, just as much.


  • Fliegt seit : 1991
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : BGD Riot
  • Top Fluggebiete : Bir Billing St André Les Alpes Tolmin Algodonales
  • Job : Heath and safety consultant
  • Hobbys : Paragliding, skiing, kayaking, surfing