The first production Tala's have arrived with pilots worldwide.



The first production Tala's have spread across the world and we are getting very interesting feedback from the dealers and customers. There appears to be a common thread in their experiences. So far 10 Tala M's are out there and this is what 4 of those ten had to say about their wings: - Tivoli, Rome, Italy. The first day we flew the Tala M the only wing to get up was the Tala. Everyone else went down to the bottom landing, whilst the Tala managed to find a weak climb and stay up. - Belo Horizonte, Brazil. When I took off another 'top EN C' took off too. He went to the landing field after some scratching in zeros but I managed to stay at the ridge height and did some passes in front of the launch to the crowd's amazement. - Annecy, France. I liked the gliders handling and general flying characteristics but unfortunately I was unable to test the performance because I was so much higher than the others all the time! - Lebanon. The Tala seems to inhale every bit of lift, even my vario was stocked! Seems like these comments are showing a common theme........ Many thanks to Chris Scammell for the lovely photo of the Tala in the Lake District.

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