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“Breathe, breathe in the air … long you’ll live and high you’ll fly” Pink Floyd
A safe, fun and capable wing to learn on … and keep progressing on, long after flying school.
The pleasure of flying, the beautiful life! The EPIC 2 has impeccable safety and fun handling. It’s the perfect partner for playing locally, exploring cross-country or starting out in freestyle.
“All I know is that to me you look like you're havin' fun!” - You spin me round like a record, Dead or Alive
A mischievous mountain nymph, the ECHO 2 is full of fun. It’s a lightweight EPIC 2 with the same lust for life, and a lighter spirit.
More distance, more fun, the Base 2 inspires the confidence to fly further and expand your limits. It’s a cross-country wing you’ll feel at home on right away – love at first flight!
The Base 2 Lite has the same performance, fun factor and handling as its sibling but it is up to 22% lighter. It’s high on performance, easy and intuitive to fly and perfect for XC, vol-bivouac or soaring, with the safety of EN-B certification.
Soar to new levels of performance: embrace your passion, heal your soul!
Like a mirage, the long-haired, lanky lynx mysteriously melts into the mist of the morning. Only a few lucky people ever see a lynx. – Brainerd Dispatch, Minnesota
With effortless launching and a smooth, relaxed feel, the DUAL 2 performs in harmony with pilot and passenger
Specifically designed for adventure teams we have optimised performance, weight, and safety making hike-and-fly, vol bivouac, and big XCs easier.
Great pilots were first great ground handlers. Learn to kite, grow your skills.