Remy Ochmann


​I started flying sailplanes in 1991, doing it about 15 years for contest and cross country. Continued flying with motorized plane and military helicopter. Switched to paragliding and love being independent. Trained a lot since 2010 with ground-handling and XC-flying, doing about 150-200 hours' airtime a year. Became a tandem pilot and instructor. I enjoy hike & fly, competitions, also XC and accuracy. I fell in love with the CURE while testing it at the Stubai Cup in 2016 ;-)

#Cross Country

  • Flying since 2010
  • Current kit : BGD Cure
  • Top sites : South Tirol, Gasteiner Tal, Wasserkuppe (Rhön)
  • Gig : Paragliding instructor
  • Bad weather fillers : Paragliding, Motorbike, Wakeboard, Hike&Fly
Website Teammates


    ​Best Distance: 150 km in the German Flatlands
    Top-landing the Marmolada
    Flying with my cute shaking the legs during wingover ;-)

    XC Fying:
    Hess.Championchip 2014 – 2nd place tandem
    Rhön Open 2015 – 1st place B-Class
    Hess. Championchip 2015 – 3rd place B-Class
    Flying the Paragliding Challenge
    Hessiche Championchip – 4th place B-Class
    Flying the NCC Challenge Bischling
    Wildkogel Pokal – 1sy place national GER EN-B

    Hike & Fly:
    Crossalps 2013 – 3rd place Team
    Crossalps 2014 – 2nd place Team
    Bordairline Altaussee – 6th place

    EM 2014 Serbien
    German Championship 2014–  3rd place
    Worldcup Germany 2015 – 3rd place national GER