Clem Cadario

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Ever since receiving a tandem flight as a 10th birthday present, flying has been a bit of an obsession for Clem. She got her licence as soon as she found the opportunity, skipping classes at university to go flying in Annecy:)
Paragliding has been a great match for her love of alpinism, skiing, kiteboarding and climbing. She spent years combining the use of her new-found wings with her love of hiking and climbing in the mountains. After travelling to New Zealand in 2011, and never finding a reason to leave, she worked towards getting her commercial tandem rating. This seemed like a good way to not need a real job:) She is a part of a flexible team of tandem pilots so has time to continue chasing highs in New Zealand and occasionally the European Alps.
She bought her first dedicated cross-country glider for the 2020-21 season, a Cure2, and this really made bigger flights seem possible. She had a few long walks back to civilisation, but eventually completed a carefully planned route through some very remote country in the southern alps of New Zealand. That was one of many great flights in this first season and the beginning of a new passion for planing routes and chasing long flights through the mountains and vol bivouac adventures.
Clem's next projects include flying over 100km open distance in NZ, more vol-bivouac in remote areas, flying from the highest peak of NZ – Mt Cook

#New Zealand

  • Edad : 35
  • Vuela desde : 2010
  • Equipamiento actual : Base 2 Lite
  • Show : Tandem pilot
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Skiing, mountaineering, kitesurfing
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