Specifically designed for you and your passenger the LINK harnesses are a pair of lightweight harnesses that work seamlessly together, built for comfort and safety.


  Passenger Pilot
Rango de altura del piloto (cm) 150-190 160-195
Ancho de tabla (cm) 35
Profundidad de tabla (cm) 40
Altura de los puntos de suspensión (cm) 50 45
Rango de cinta ventral (cm) 38-54 36-52
Peso de la silla (kg) 2.6 2.7
Homologación EN/LTF


LINK harnesses are a light and comfortable tandem harness pair, ideal for professional and leisure flying. Thoughtful design features including an easy-tilt seat on the PASSENGER for effortless transitions from standing to seated and a lightweight honeycomb seat boards. It has comfort handles for the passenger to hold onto, and an instrument mount on the back is ideally placed in the pilot’s field of vision. The PILOT harness has split legs.

For protection, the PILOT harness can be ordered with either a 17.5cm foam protector or a weight-saving airbag. The lower back area of the PASSENGER harness is kept clean so as not to encumber the pilot, and the passenger is protected by an under-seat mousse protector.

The LINK harnesses are made using top quality lightweight materials and components. If well looked after they offer good longevity but as with all lightweight products, they must be treated with care.

Please note: the PASSENGER harness is not designed to withstand repeated seat-landings. Doing this will eventually damage the protector.

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Comfort Handles (PASSENGER)

These handles on the sides of the harness give the passenger something to hold on to, so they feel secure and can relax and enjoy the flight.

Left or Right Reserve Handle (PILOT)

On the LINK PILOT we have designed the reserve parachute deployment handle to be placed either on the left or the right side of the harness, allowing the pilot to choose their preference keeping him/her and their passenger safer.

Velcro instrument mount

The instrument mount is located behind the shoulders of the PASSENGER harness where the pilot can see and hear it clearly. The velcro is designed to handle the weight of most standard varios and GPS instruments.

2 Accessible pockets

On the LINK PILOT we have designed two easily accessible pockets into each side of the harness to give quick access to essential bits and bobs.

Velcro Skid Guard (BOTH)

The LINK series features a removable and replaceable velcro skid guard that protects the harness from gear up landings, aiding to longevity and durability of the harnesses.


Designed to comfortably fit a wide range of people, the LINK series has multiple adjustments for optimal fit and support.

Safety T-system

A T-system clip from AustriAlpin Cobra quick-release buckles is a simple-to-use fail safe feature on all our harnesses..

Split Legs (PILOT)

The LINK PILOT harness features a split leg seat improving comfort for both the pilot and the passenger.

Easy Tilt Seat (PASSENGER)

Getting in and out of the harness has never been so easy. The easy tilt seat system gives more freedom of movement to the passenger making sitting back easier, and preparing for landing a breeze.


The LINK PILOT and LINK PASSENGER are lightweight, robust, comfortable, and safe harnesses for professional and recreational tandem pilots who want the best equipment for their tandem setup. Designed to fit seamlessly together the LINK series have vibrant matching colours, innovative features, and essential standardisations.

Notas de Bruce

Tandem paragliding provides different things for different people, but one thing that’s constant is, it’s always about sharing an experience. Professional tandem pilots have the honour of giving lots of different people their first ever taste of gravity-defying liberty; the first time their feet have ever swung free in the air and soared above the landscape. For others, it’s a regular partnership. A parent and offspring, couple or friends, sharing adventures for the umpteenth time.

Every pilot wants their passenger to revel in the awesomeness of the flight. Whatever their shape or size, whether they are nervous or excited or just plain blown away with it all, what they must be is comfortable and secure. The LINK harness series are designed as a pair to fulfil the needs of both pilot and passenger. It’s a shared thing. The LINK series is thought-through and loaded with features to make all your tandem flights comfortable, safe, and fun.

Estilo de vuelo

El paquete incluye

Silla / Reserve Handle and Accessories - Link Pilot / Back protector Air or Foam - Link Pilot / Back protector Foam - Link Passenger / Mosquetón de aluminio Edelrid / BGD stickers / BGD giveaway / Manual card


Pulleys Ronstan, USA
Buckles AustriAlpin COBRA™
Zippers YKK
Outer shell Ripstop Nylon 210 & Cordura
Webbing 25mm & 40mm Polyester
Seat Board Honeycomb Design / Split leg
Karabiners Edelrid Alias