Martin Jovanoski


I started flying at age of 11 and never looked back :) Paramotors, XC, acro, hang gliders, speedflying, no matter the flying style one thing remains the same, the passion to be up there!

#Paramotor, #Accuracy, #Acrobatic, #Cross Country

  • Vuela desde 2002
  • Equipamiento actual : BGD Adam
  • Sitios top : Krushevo, Macedonia
  • Show : Paraglider pilot, instructor & guide, event organiser, testing & development
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Paragliding, hang gliding
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    ​Youngest ever paragliding medalist from cat 1
    Youngest pilot qualified for World Cup XC
    3rd place World Champiopnship Trakai 2007
    1st FAI Ranking Acc 2008,2009
    2nd Overall Acc World Cup Series 2008
    3rd Overall Acc World Cup ASeries 2009
    Top 50 FAI Ranking XC 2014
    15th xc World Cup Krusevo 2014
    22nd xc World Cup Superfinal Denizli 2014