Mathis RUHL has taken the EN-C Cure to 6th in Open Class/EN-D and is currently winning the EN-C Category in the C.F.D. : Classement General 2015-2016



Surrounded by a sea of Open Class paragliders Mathis RUHL has worked a EN-C Cure up to the 6th place position in Open class/EN-D C.F.D. overall ranking and obviously the 1st place position in the C.F.D. sports category. Mathis RUHL has been flying some huge FAI triangles in the south of France with the EN-C Cure. So far he has racked up 3 x 200+km FAI triangles earning him an outstanding 895.4 points and ranking him 6th out of 2,230 open class pilots and 1st  out of 1,620 sports class pilots in the C.F.D. : Classement General 2015-2016!

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