Meysam Safavi


Meysam's airborne journey began by chance in 2016, when a friend signed him up to a paragliding club! This serendipitous start changed his life, taking him from behind a computer to the summits of various mountains, and introduced him to a whole new community of like-minded individuals who share his new passion. With a preference for hike-and-fly adventures, he enjoys soaring over breathtaking sites like Ölüdeniz (Turkey), Ramian, Sarkat, and Derazno (Iran) with his Echo 2. Beyond the skies, Meysam is a skilled Graphic Designer and Video Creator, living in Fethiye, Turkey. His creative eye was captivated by the aesthetics of BGD wings, aligning with his love for beauty and design. Looking ahead, Meysam envisions combining his flying passion with videography to craft compelling videos. Outside the paragliding realm, he cherishes the power of storytelling, inviting others to share their narratives when they cross paths with him. Meysam Safavi, a graphic designer by profession and an adventurer at heart, finds joy in both the artistry of flight and the stories that connect us all.


  • Edad : 33
  • Vuela desde : 2016
  • Equipamiento actual : Echo 2
  • Sitios top : Ölüdeniz, Turkey
  • Show : Graphic Designer, Video Creator
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Running, Hiking
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