Olivier Laugero


Adventurer, photographer, Olivier’s reputation precedes him. Most of us have been touched by his stunning photographs and adventures and now he has embarked on a world sailing tour with his gal Sophie Jenot and their daughter « Lou ». Next step for 2020, cross the Pacific with the sailing boat « Kagou » and enjoy the paragliding flights in Polynesia, Tonga, New Zeland…

#Nomad, #Paramotor, #Vol Bivouac, #Cross Country

  • Age : 44
  • Flying since 1994
  • Current kit : BGD Lynx / Diva / Echo PPG
  • Top sites : Chamonix, Himalaya, all the tropical islands!
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    projects: « Kagou flying boat », sail around the world traveling in family, and explore the beauty of the planet from the sky! FB Kagou Flying boat

    favorite memorable flights: Olivier was the first ever pilot to top land a tandem paraglider on the summit of Mont Blanc, 2009.
    Fly along the Nanga Parbat, Pakistan, a beautiful 8000 meters summit.
    Reach the 7400 meter clouds base in Cachemire, India.
    Bivouac flight in Ethiopia, and to lend in the remote villages. They were regularly the first white peoples to reach this places, crazy!
    Fly over the biggest dunes in the world until the sunset, Namibia
    Fly with the Condors in Patagonia.
    Lend in Tanzania along an active volcano during a bivouac flight and spend the end of the night in a tree until the sunrise. The Hyenas were turning around during the night…
    Soar over a tiny 80 meters long islands, in the Grenadines, Caribbean.
    Flying with Sophie over Antigua Island, Caribbean, he asked her his hand, when she was performing aerial dance under her rope, 500 meters over the ground. No choice, she couldn’t say no

    longest fights: 352km under a Diva, Brasil, octobre 2018, 206km Triangle under a Lynx, Chamonix 2019