Quentin Debras


Quentin Debras, born in Belgium, 1992. Living most of his time in the Durbuy area, he was already dreaming of flying before he was able to walk. He always imagined he could live his life up there enjoying the world from above. His father allowed him to discover paragliding when he was 14. He very quickly became addicted and now he can’t imagine stopping flying. So, he spends time flying and pushing his limits further to improve his skills on a daily basis. He discovered BGD in 2016, trying the CURE, which he decided to purchase for the next season. Flying the CURE gave him what he needed to grow his pilot skills safely, always with a lot of fun. It marked the beginning of a great story between him and BGD which still continues! In 2016, he graduated in electromechanical sciences. Since then, he decided to continue in what he loves doing, aviation. While starting the Helicopter Private Pilot License training, he got his PPL(H) in 2017 and now he’s looking forward to become a commercial helicopter pilot! Starting now, he’s planning to mix at best his future helicopter pilot career and his paraglider pilot life, always looking to reach new places from the air, meeting new people on his way.


  • Edad : 31
  • Vuela desde : 2006
  • Equipamiento actual : BGD Diva
  • Sitios top : Corimont, Belgium Annecy Area, France Vanajavesi, Finland (towing)
  • Show : Helicopter Air Transport Pilot Student
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Paragliding, skiing, …
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