This first Diva prototype arrived but we had to tear it off Bruce after his first flight.



We have just received our first prototype of our new EN-D wing: the Diva! We had to tear the wing off Bruce since he loved it so much. He comments: “Yesterday, I received the Diva and flew it for 2 hours in big Austrian mountains. At only 21 square meters flat it felt really good. Launch is very good indeed, safety feels great, performance and handling feel brilliant and it is very stable at trim speed and on bar. Overall, the Diva looks promising so we will start work on it immediately. A very promising start for our EN-D range!” We hope to have the glider certified and racing around the competition circuit next spring! Diva’s current traits: 70 cells 7.3 aspect ratio 17.6 m2 projected area 196 m of line 2-liner

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