Tala M passes flight tests



Last week the Tala M passed the flight tests in Switzerland with Alan Zoller. It was B in most categories and received a C in the brake range test. The brake range test is a measure of the range of the brakes in cm from when the brakes first come on to the stall point. The range should be over 60cm to receive a B in this category and weight of pilot. We feel that when the brake range is over 60cm it feels like there is too much brake range and we specifically reduced the brake range during the thermal test flights to get the feel we wanted form the brakes when thermalling. Too much brake ranges makes it less comfortable and less precise for a glider of this level. All the test results are not yet published from Air Turquoise so that exact number of A,B and C’s received is still not official. What is official is the weight range of the M is 80-100kg and the level is confirmed as being C. In recent weeks we also changed the number of glider sizes from 3 to 4 and introduced an ML size. This was done in order to cater better for the 80kg pilot who would have found himself between sizes on the previous glider weight ranges. The new specs are already on line on the main web site. The test pilots also commented on the unique nature of the Tala. Light, high performance and simple in design as well as in use.

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