Paul Hogan


I have always been obsessed with aviation. From as early as I can remember, I’ve always had my eyes turned skyward! My father was an avid model aircraft enthusiast and plane spotter – the ‘Jane’s Aircraft Handbook’ was my bedtime reading as a child! In 2000, at the age of fifteen, while on a family holiday in Westendorf, Austria, I saw paragliding for the first time and was instantly intrigued! Ten years later, I acted on this intrigue, took a beginner course and have been hooked ever since! I’ve been flying BGD wings since 2015 when I first fell in love with the Base. I’ve since owned the Base Lite, Riot and currently fly the Cure 2 and Lynx 2. As an engineer, the constant evolution of technology in our sport never ceases to intrigue me and, for me, BGD offer the most exciting range of wings at the cutting edge of design development, catering to all kinds of pilots – and obviously have the funkiest colours too! I am the paragliding competitions training and safety officer for the Irish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (IHPA) and am a keen advocate for pilot progression through creation and nurturing of a strong pilot community. The best thing about our crazy little sport is the opportunities it creates to make new friendships through adventures in new places, flying competitions, XC adventures or simply free flying, and the endless stories that follow (in the bar, naturally!)! I am thrilled to be a member of the BGD family and to have the opportunity to bring the bright friendly vibes of BGD to the hill – at home and abroad!


  • 年齢 : 38
  • フライト歴 : 2010
  • 現在のキット : Lynx 2
  • トップサイト : Dolomites, Italy; Annecy, France; Quixadá, Brazil; Tolmin, Slovenia; Mount Leinster, Ireland
  • ギグ : Engineer
  • 悪天候 : Marathon Running, Hiking