Romain Bielli


Born in Sion in Valais, with a Italian father, I grew up in this small town surrounded by mountains. Passionate about social dynamics, I find my professional path in education, especially with children and adolescents in difficulty. Curious by nature, I like to discover new things and I therefore practice several activities such as osteo-therapy but also the installation of misting solutions in various public and industrial areas. Fascinated by the human spirit, I also practice meditation and personal development. I particularly like the great outdoors and sharing walks in the mountains with my dog and all the good things that life allows us to appreciate. My mom always told me that I was drawn to the sky before I even spoke. I have been fascinated with paragliding since I was little because I loved the bright, neon colors of the sails and the spirit of the pilots, open and jovial. I therefore made my first tandem flight at the age of 12 in 1996, and a second a few years later and finally, after a time shared with my brother in the world of free fall, I started paragliding in 2009 in order to to honor the little guy in me who was always drawn towards the sky. I chose to fly BGD because it represents everything that the little boy that I was drawn to, once again. A style full of colors and atypical as well as an open and friendly state of mind. I fully identify with this!!! My current objectives are the culmination of my tandem and instructor training, both started in 2022. My flight objectives are to evolve in cross country while participating in the days organized by the XC Swiss League as soon as I can, in search of sharing and experience. If time permits, I would like to participate in some introduction to the competition as offered by the Plouf festival in Vercorin each year but also in Slovenia, etc.


  • 年齢 : 39
  • フライト歴 : 2009
  • 現在のキット : Base 2
  • トップサイト : Fiesch, Vercorin, Charmey, Verbier
  • ギグ : Teacher, Osteo-Therapist, Installing Misting Solutions
  • 悪天候 : Meditation, Ski, Hiking