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Base Lite


Made for vol-bivouac adventures and travelling the globe, the Base Lite is capable of big XCs and won’t weigh you down.


23 25 26


  S M ML
Fator de escala linear 0.95 1 1.03
Área projetada (m²) 18.7 20.7 21.8
Área plana (m²) 22.6 25 26.3
Peso da vela (kg) 4.1 4.4 4.6257
Comprimento total das linhas (m) 221 245 257
Altura (m) 7.1 7.2 7.4
Número de linhas principais (A/B/C) 3/4/3
Células 46
Alongamento plano 5.7
Alongamento projetado 4.1
Corda central (m) 2.5 2.61 2.68
Envergadura plana (m) 11.2 11.8 12.1
Envergadura projetada (m) 8.7 9.2 9.4
Velocidade de mão alta (km/h) 39
Velocidade máxima (km/h) 58
Taxa de queda (m/s) 1
Melhor planeio 10.5
Faixa de peso em voo (kg) 60-80 75-95 85-105
Homologação EN/LTF-B


The Base Lite is the best Sport class paraglider we have ever made. Based on the EN-B Base, the Base Lite really pulled out all the stops in a paraglider. Lighter means less inertia, creating higher overall performance, reduced shooting, increased roll stability and easier, sharper handling. Bruce increased the usable speed range by adding up to 3km/h to the top speed through the optimised speed bar. The ultra-streamline line set, mixing PPSL with both Kevlar and Dyneema micro lines, reduces drag and really improves performance by up to one point in the glide. Plastic wire reinforced leading edge mini-ribs create a solid leading edge on speed by essentially adding 80 cells without the weight/seams of full ribs. In addition, the Base Lite has a strong sharknose, Cord Cut Billow and Bruce Goldsmith handling. And all that fits into a little bag, amazing!

All in all, the Base Lite launches in the most ambitious patches, sniffs and bites thermals like a great white, climbs like a eagle, speeds like Road Runner, and glides like a foiling catamaran, with an improvement in passive safety.

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Segurança de Olhos Bem Abertos

Os parapentes que falam são mais seguros. Parapentes mais seguros fazem pilotos com melhor desempenho. Pilotos com melhor desempenho voam mais longe. Pilotos que voam mais longe são mais felizes. Segurança de Olhos Bem Abertos produz pilotos mais felizes.

Mini-nervuras no bordo de ataque

Situado ao longo do boroa de ataque, são mini nervuras reforçadas, projetadas para ajudar a produzir um perfil sólido, quando acelerado.

Snap locks

Snap Locks são acessórios leves e compactos que conectam sem esforço os batoques aos tirantes. Um pequeno ímã localizado dentro da trava e um sistema de trava interna prendem a alça no lugar, soltando apenas se as alças forem puxadas para baixo em direção ao piloto. Esse recurso de design exclusivo significa que as alças não caem durante um kite, o guardando ou a realizando manobras. O sistema Snap Lock resolve muitos dos problemas associados aos botões de pressão e aos ímãs.

Shark nose acentuado

Um shark nose ultra agressivo otimiza a estabilidade em todas as velocidades. Nem todos os tubarões foram criados iguais e os narizes de tubarão da BGD são muito agressivos, maximizando os efeitos da tecnologia.

Estabilidade progressiva

A estabilidade progressiva foi projetada em todos os nossos parapentes para ajudar os pilotos a sentirem as turbulências e evitá-las. Isso contribui para um voo mais seguro e confortável.

Layout de linha otimizado

Ao longo dos anos, aperfeiçoamos nosso sistema de otimização do layout de linhas de nossas velas. Usamos numerosas equações, softwares e o método antigo de adivinhação e verificação para construir nossos layouts de linha. O resultado é simples: menos linhas fazendo parapentes mais fortes e mais rápidos.


It’s 9am and the first cycle is impatiently pushing against the inversion layer. You’re huffing and puffing, determined to get to the small clearing you saw at first light. You look behind and see the fast-approaching floating seeds and butterflies. You say to yourself, “Come on! This is what all the training was for, put the gas on, you can rest at base.” Luckily, by taking the best kit possible you got your small pack down to 7.6kg and you can almost jog the last 200 metres, outrunning those pesky insects and floating debris. You pull the As. The glider almost self-launches and lifts you away from your scabby launch. The sharknose bites hard into the first cycle and doesn’t let go. Now with a sigh of relief you’re banked up, spiralling to base, excited to see how fast and long this downwind dash is going to be.

Every athlete knows the importance of lightweight, fast, high-performing gear especially if time is of the essence. The Base Lite was designed for the pilot who craves epic vol-bivouac (sky-camping ) adventures, travelling the world and the occasional top-to-bottom comfort flight. Climb freely, broaden your horizon and be the first to base with the Base Lite.

Notas do Bruce

Working towards a PWC title, I am exhausted after every task and couldn't possibly contemplate having to hike any further than to the closest bar. The Red Bull X-Alps has changed the sport and I look at the athletes in total awe. I designed the Base Lite with this class of pilot in mind; reduced weight and increased performance without compromise. The Base Lite is a stellar Sport class paraglider that delivers unparalleled advantages to vol-bivouac pilots, mountaineers, and world travellers.
Call it comfort or laziness but I have to admit in my free time I often choose to fly the Base Lite – the saved weight makes a noticeable difference on my back. I can pack it into my carry-on bag when I travel, and obviously the added performance is always appreciated.

Voo Nível / Estilo

Embalagem inclui

Parapente / Mochila / Speed bar / Kit de reparo / Saco do velame / Saco dos tirantes / Fita de compressão / BGD T-shirt / USB stick with manuals / BGD stickers