Leonard Siclon


Léonard got into paragliding in 2014. It became at once a passion and he spent most of his free time flying and learning about paragliding. Mostly into XC flights and occasional bivi adventures, he shares his experiences on Youtube and never tires of chatting about paragliding! He is now working for BGD as our community manager.

#周末战士, #露营飞行, #越野飞行

  • 年龄 : 33
  • 开始飞行的年份 2014
  • 当前使用装备 : Cure 2
  • 主要飞行场地 : Mieussy, France Grand Bornand, France Chamonix, France
  • 职业 : Engineer
  • 其他爱好 : Hiking


    2020 : quite a bad year ! But stepped up to Cure2 !
    2019 : Flight over Mont Blanc at 5500 and toplanding on the roof of Europe with Riot.
    2018 : Xc flight 150km triangle with Punk
    2018 : Two short vol bivouac
    2017 : Exploring paragliding spots in unflown islands of the Philippines
    2016 : First vol bivouac, 3 days in the pyrenes.
    2015 : First big XC (76 and 88km) in the flatlands after 8 months of flying.
    2014 : starting paragliding, attracted to hike&fly !


Coupe Icare - 2018


Bright sunshine and fluffy clouds graced this years' Coupe Icare festival where we launched our newest product the EN-B RIOT (the PUNK's lighter twin). Although the colour scheme may change for the final product a few prototypes could be seen flying... 更多

Hike & Cross - 120km with EN-B Riot


Nice video from Léonard made during a 120km XC flight in May 2019, with the EN-B Riot! 更多

Vol Bivouac to the Mont Blanc


Leonard shows his flight to the top of the Mont Blanc in 360 degrees of amazing! 更多

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WE ARE A GROUP OF DIVERSE INDIVIDUALS UNITED BY A PASSION TO EXPLORE, CREATE AND SHARE. Follow our adventures as we attempt to share them through film and photography. 更多