Mark Schoonhoven


​In a photo magazine I had seen a picture of a hang glider pilot flying over Rio de Janeiro. That looked like something I wanted to do and so after getting my licence (Hang gliding ‘Sonderpilotenschein’) in Austria, I went to Brazil one year later. I made flights overlooking the beautiful beaches and rainforest, the favelas and the ‘Cristo’ statue. As a result I wanted even more scenic views, travelling and airtime! One year later I started paragliding. I have had several SIV trainings and visited great flying sites. My goal is to continue having fun with (airborne) friends, helping other pilots to experience the beauty of paragliding and to improve my personal achievements. Flying BGD is the best combination possible: Safety and performance with a colourful and lively attitude. I can’t wait to be back in the air with my BGD CURE.


  • 开始飞行的年份 2005
  • 当前使用装备 : BGD Cure
  • 主要飞行场地 : Feltre, Italy
  • 其他爱好 : Paragliding, snowboarding, mountain biking, hang-gliding, hiking
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    ​Tandem pilot, Hang glider pilot and paramotor.
    Paragliding Instructor.
    Several SIV trainings, still practising the ’helico’ and improving my XC flights.
    1st 2018 National Dutch Flatlands competition with the BGD CURE.
    Flown on 5 continents and in many countries … only Africa and Antarctica left.