Julie Favario


Julie made her first tandem flight in 2011. She found it awesome, but she just thought it could be impossible for her to do so in solo. But the weeks after, she dreamed of flying, alone with a paraglider... and she said to herself, "Hey, why I could not manage to do so for real ?" Her boyfriend was already learning to paraglide, and in 2012 when he started to fly out of school, she learned to fly as well. She has always lived in the Alps, and she likes all kind of mountain activities : hiking, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, trail running, etc. Paragliding is for her an awesome way to enjoy the mountains, and she really likes to hike to a summit and then fly down. She would like to do more hike and fly from high altitude peaks, and she is also interested in vol-biv. She is also the favourite XC tandem passenger of her boyfriend Sylvain!


  • Alter : 35
  • Fliegt seit : 2012
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : BGD Riot S
  • Top Fluggebiete : Vérel Le Revard Annecy Les gorges du Verdon Le Grand Bornand
  • Job : Saleswoman in sportshop
  • Hobbys : Paragliding, mountain biking, skiing, ski touring, trail running, climbing


Veröffentlichte Videos

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Die BGD-Team-Piloten Anne-Sophie, Julie und Sylvain fliegen die Vol et Ski Challenge - ein Skifahren und Präzisions-Gleitschirmfliegen Wettbewerb, bei dem die Piloten von der Spitze der Skipiste starten und eine Strecke die Touch-and-Go,... Mehr