Martin Lifka


Flying has always been a childhood dream, but I never went through with a pilot licence for motor or sailplanes though that would have been the obvious. It seemed like too much of a hassle. Instead I spent years flying remote-controlled airplanes and ended up with kite surfing. It was not until I met a longtime paragliding veteran who convinced me that paragliding was the ideal way of flying for a mountaineering and flying enthusiast like myself. From that moment on I spent every free minute groundhandling, flying and learning as much as I could about XC flying. Especially combining long extensive hikes to isolated launching points, bivouacking on the mountain and continuing from there with my glider have become the centre of my paragliding interest. Being the perfectionist I am I soon defined my future goals in the participation at Hike & fly competitions like the Bordairrace series. Here I hope to combine my experience in endurance sports and mountaineering with my new-found passion of flying.


  • Fliegt seit 2015
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : BGD Cure 2
  • Gig : Professional photographer
  • Weitere Tätigkeiten bei schlechtem Wetter : Hike & fly, mountaineering, skiing, ski-touring, kite surfing, tennis
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    Semi-professional triathlete until 2007 with a personal best at the Ironman Austria 2006 of 9:40
    Participation at the X-Pyr 2018 as a supporter for Lukas Thöni