Sylvain Nobile


Sylvain started paragliding with mini wings being mainly interested by hike and fly and soaring. But then he was more and more tempted by XC flying, so he started flying with a “regular” glider in may 2015. It was a BGD Base, and he felt in love with this wing ! It was a pleasure to improve his skills with this glider, discovering XC and flying more and more over the following years. He really like distance flights, but also hike and fly. He took part in his first hike and fly competition in 2018, and would like to continue doing some. He also love to share his passion for flying by doing tandem flights. He loves to do some XC flights in tandem with his girlfriend Julie !

#Vol Bivouac, #Cross Country

  • Alter : 31
  • Fliegt seit 2012
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : Riot & Dual2
  • Top Webseiten : Vérel Le Revard Annecy Aiguebelette Le Grand Bornand Le Margériaz
  • Gig : MTB instructor
  • Weitere Tätigkeiten bei schlechtem Wetter : Mountain bikin, skiing,ski touring, trail running


    Done :
    ● Distance record holder of the flying site "Vérel" (132km triangle)
    ● Many 100km+ flights in triangle (best 158km)
    ● 3rd place at first hike&fly competition « Trotte & Vol » in 2018
    ● Red Bull Elements 2018 : 12th place in the paragliding section, 15th place team
    ● First experiences of vol biv in June 2019

    Projects :
    ● Do more Hike&Fly competition
    ● Fly abroad
    ● Do other vol bivouac

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