A day testing the Tala in Greolieres with a Miniplane



The Tala is not designed as a paramotor wing, but we wanted to test it to make sure that it goes well under power. I fitted trimmer risers on the glider so that we could trim out the torque effect, but I must say that I did not notice any torque effect anyway.  We also flew with trimmers released all the time, and the trimmer system was such that it induced a little reflex in the profile. Please note that the Tala does not have a reflex profile to start with.   Anthony was doing most of the test flying as he is a pretty hot paramotor pilot. I have flown paramotor myself a little and I also flew later on and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was with this modern equipment. Not only was the wing easy launch and stable in the air but the power unit was very easy as well. I was using a little Italian paramotor unit called a ‘Mini plane’ with a Top80 engine. It was light and powerful and I was impressed with the progress in paramotor units since I last few paramotor a few years ago.   Anthony threw the wing about the sky with impressive wingovers close to full loops. The glider reacted with grace and smooth reactions. Launch and landing were super easy, and even under full power the wing was reactive. It was best to fly with trims released most of the time.

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